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Junk Cars Dallas

We are interested in your junk car in Dallas, whatever type it is and in whatever condition. We buy junk cars -- trucks, trailers, vans, or what have you. If you have a junk car, and you no longer need it because it is too old for regular use, call us for a free quote.
Maybe your car is damaged or in wrecked condition because it had been involved in an accident, and it is just there sitting in your place. We will pay you for that, too, because we buy junk cars in whatever condition they may be.
You have two convenient options; drive your junk car to our yard so that we can have a look at it and assess it, or if it is no longer in running condition, let us know so that we can arrange to tow it to our yard -- free of charge.
We have experienced and friendly customer service representatives who are ready to assist you. We can be contacted by phone or by email. However, we prefer that you phone us - that will make the process move faster. We only need a few details about your junk car - it's make, year of manufacture, and condition.
After we have the details of your junk car, we shall then give you a rough estimate of its worth, and arrange to go to your place to look at your junk car. After that, we shall give you a final quote, and see to it that the cash payment for your junk car will be in your hands quickly.

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