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Want to sell your junk car? Contact us by phone and let us have a few details about your car. Then we'll give you immediately a quote on what we think is the approximate amount that you can get for it. Whether you are selling a junk car, truck, or van, we are here to help you. After buying it from you, we will remove it from your place, and leave you with cash in your hands.
We shall arrange to assess your junk car on the same day that we receive your call. As soon as that's done, we shall then give you our best offer for your car. It is as fast and as easy as that.
If you have a junk car that is in running condition, getting rid of it by selling it to us will even be quicker. Just drive it to our yard where we can have a look at it and determine its weight. Based on its weight, we can calculate the best price that we can offer you for it. As soon as you agree on our price offer, we shall arrange to give you the cash payment in no time.
Don't worry though if your junk car is not in running condition. We have tow trucks in Houston, and we shall arrange to pick it up in a day or two. This towing service for your car will be given to you free of charge.
So don't wait too long before you act - contact us by phone now and we shall attend to your inquiry right away.

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