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Junk Cars Jacksonville

If you have a junk car in Jacksonville which is just sitting in your garage or yard, most probably you will want to get rid of it. We are in Jacksonville, and we can take care of removing your junk car so that it does not use up valuable space at your place. On top of that, we shall pay you top dollar for your junk car, and see to it that you get your cash payment in your hands fast.
Do not worry if your junk car is damaged or is no longer in running condition. In whatever condition it is, we shall buy it from you. One easy way to get rid of your junk car is to drive it to our yard in Jacksonville if it is in running condition. There, we shall weigh it and based on its weight we shall quote you a price. We can finalize the sale of your car right away at our yard without any hassle on your part.
If your junk car no longer runs, we can arrange to have it towed to our yard, free of charge. Just give us a phone call, and let us have a few details about your car - its make, year of manufacture, and condition. We shall give you a rough estimate of the worth of your junk car. We shall arrange to meet up with you, and as soon as we have assessed the condition of your junk car at your place, we shall then give you our final cash offer for it.

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