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Junk Cars Maryland

We buy all kind of junk cars in Maryland. If you have one sitting in your garage or yard, give us a call right away. You most probably must be tired of looking at it because it is more of an eyesore than anything else. Let us help you get rid of it. At the same time we shall pay you top money for it. We accept pickup trucks, vans, suvs, and other type of vehicles. Never mind if your junk car is old and rundown or damaged - we will buy it from you.
In case you are wondering what we do with a junk car, we'd like to let you know that we recycle it. We do not resell it, but we scrap it and see to it that all the harmful fluids in the car are drained. The recycled parts are turned into other products. The whole recycling process that we do on your junk car is environment friendly.
Buying junk cars is also one way of getting unsafe vehicles from the road where they could do harm not only to the environment but also to our fellowmen. We contribute in our little way through the years to make our environment safe and productive.
Your junk car may no longer be in driving condition. If so, do not worry - when we buy it from you, we shall take care of towing it to our yard. We offer this service to our customers and do it quickly and free of charge.

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