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Sell your junk car in Phoenix! We are here to assist you sell your car in an easy and hassle-free way. We buy all kind of junk cars, of whatever make, model, year of manufacture, and condition. Whether your junk car is a truck, van, or any other type of vehicle, we are interested to buy it, and pay you top dollar for it.
The quickest way to sell your car to us is to drive it to our yard, where we can take a look at it and weigh it. We have prices of junk cars based on their weight, so knowing how much your car weighs, we can right away give you a firm cash offer for it.
If your junk car is no longer in running condition, don't let that bother you. We have tow trucks in Phoenix, and we can arrange to pick it up at your place quickly. We offer this service to our customers free of charge.
When we buy your junk car, we will recycle it so that its parts can be turned into new products. Our recycling plant uses a process that is environment-friendly. We drain fluids from your junk car to keep them from polluting the environment. All the recycling process that we do allows us to save precious energy resources of our planet.
Give us a call now, and see how quickly we shall attend to your inquiry. Our customer representative will gladly let you know how simple and convenient it is for you to sell your junk car through us.

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