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Remove a Junk Car

Do you own a car that is not running well or has been idling at your back yard? Apart from it being unsightly it can be dangerous as the wild animals can make shelter in the smashed car or injure your child as they play around it. Do you lack a plan on how to carry repairs on it and instead thinking of dumping it at a local junk yard? Earn instant cash with Junk Car Detroit as they deliver professionally junk car removal services for your junk car at no cost.

Removal Service

Before disposing of your car to a car removal service ensure that all your personal electrical gadgets are relocated from the car inclusive of the spare tire which can be resold to a second hand spare parts dealer. On purchasing junk cars Junk Car Detroit undertake quality repairs and services before reselling them.

Car to be purchased regardless?

For the junk car to be purchased regardless of its make, model and age you will need to provide the description of the car while an offer worth the car will be made in minutes. On agreeing the cash will be delivered on spot by a licensed driver as the car gets towed away. Being among the top Detroit junk car buyers, Junk Car Detroit will stop anywhere in Detroit for your car, truck or van.