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Salvage Yard vs Insurance

There is type of insured after collision, a totaled car that we did not talk about. In the salvage yard, giant crane use to make bulldozing cars, given before that to cover less space where they are kept in as a scrub. A car can be out of order for it dysfunction in the engine. But a car will reach salvage yard after it would have lost its all functionalists and becomes completely out of order. Then they are going under process to be totaled; by no accident or to claim insurance money as it had been completely out of order before this execution.

Salvage Yard

Sometimes any road crash is seen to be so dangerous that the victim car becomes totaled and unable to repair. In this situation insurance just will pay its claimable amount and will not consider repairing. This is the extreme consequence of a car accident. But here some variation would appear after the accident. The client never want to find full claim against permanent damage as he/she will find that claim finished there and no company usually provides the full claim that is equivalent to absolute purchasing cost of the car; and less than the sum of the insured amount except it is rare.


So totaled insurance car means a completely damaged car or near to it which may have a chance not to repair and carry into the salvage yard, to its final destination. The owner of the car will be paid not to buy another one but for the previous one's recompense.