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Are you junking your car or selling a good used car in Tampa? Contact us and we will come to your place, because we buy junk cars and good used cars.
We accept trucks, vans, and other types of vehicles. If you have one and you want to sell it, we will buy it from you. And because of our extensive experience in the junk car business, we are able to pay top cash for your junk car.
The easiest and fastest way to sell to us your junk car is to drive it to our yard. There, we can look at it and weigh it. Because we have prices of junk cars based on their weight, we can calculate the price of your junk car right on the spot. If you agree on our price offer, we shall see to it that you get your cash payment for your car in no time.
However, if your car no longer runs because it is damaged and wrecked as a result of an accident, do not let that bother you. We have tow trucks in Tampa, and we can arrange to pick up your junk car from your place.
Just let us have a short description of your junk car, such as its make and model, year of manufacture, and condition. After we have looked at it at your place, we can offer you top price for it.
Act quickly and give us a call. Then see how fast our customer representative will respond to your inquiry.

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